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Has your brick or stonework accumulated a lot of dirt over the years, making your home look unsightly and not well maintained? Are you unsure where to even begin cleaning it?

Do you live in Scotland and need the professionals to come in and solve the problem for you with no hassle whatsoever. Then you will be glad that you have found Window Shine, your brick and stone cleaning experts

We Clean Residential and Commercial Brickwork & Stonework

Cleaning bricks or stonework requires extensive knowledge about the different types of materials that your bricks and stones from which your property is built. For instance, in a commercial building, a limestone finish requires specialist equipment, cleaning materials, and knowledge; otherwise, irreparable damage could and will be caused.

The eternal cleaning experts at Window Shine have many years of experience within the industry and have helped to restore the look of thousands of properties throughout Scotland including many in Dundee, Dunfermline, Perth & Edinburgh.

Maximize Your Homes Selling Price

If you are considering putting your home on the market, then investing in a professional clean of your brick or stonework could be the best investment you have ever made. Prospective buyers make up their minds on whether or not they are interested in buying your property within seconds of pulling up outside it. If your brick and stonework looks dirty and unkempt, then it is unlikely that potential buyers will be interested, or if they are interested, then they are more likely to put in a very low offer, on the grounds that, in their opinion, the property needs extensive work.

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We Do Not Leave Your Home Until You Are Completely Satisfied

Cleaning your stone and brickwork is only part of the job. Before we begin, we ensure that the area is made safe both for our customers and staff. Upon completing the work, we sweep up the dirt and debris dislodged during the cleaning process, leaving your property like a show home. It is our company policy never to leave a property until the homeowner is delighted with the result.

If you want your home or commercial property professionally cleaned by the local experts in East Central Scotland, then call our customer services team on 07564 442988 to book a free no-obligation quotation. We look forward to exceeding your expectations.

Our Customers

Window Shine has worked in the local area for many years. Our customers range from private homeowners through to commercial clients. We have also been commissioned to work for local authorities, parishes, and even on heritage buildings. Councils and other owners of important, prestigious buildings choose Window Shine because they trust us. We know exactly what we are doing, and we can restore any building without causing damage to it in the process.

Our Brick and Stone Cleaning Equipment

At Window Shine, we are constantly upgrading and investing in the latest equipment on the marketplace. We do not typically purchase the most powerful pressure washers on the market because power is not always the answer. We choose pressure washers that allow us to control the power and direction of the water with precision and accuracy. It is the combination of staff knowledge and our market-leading equipment that ensures the perfect result every single time.

Cleaning brick and stone requires the use of super heated water at very low pressure – normally heated to an incredible 150 degrees! This heat removes organic growth and biofilm from the surface without the need for high pressure.

Brick & Stone Cleaning - FAQ's

Yes, this is the very reason why we invest in the best training and equipment for our staff.

Every surface that we clean is cleaned using the correct cleaning technique, chemicals, pressure and temperature – achieving the best results every time! 

Our survey will allow us to check the pointing, so long as the pointing is sold then it will be ok during the cleaning.

If the pointing is brittle then there is a slim chance of disturbing it during the brick cleaning process.

Yes, we remove paint from brick, stone and many other surfaces.

The correct choice of chemicals and super heated water allow for a high success rate in graffiti removal as well as paint removal.

Yes, our teams are IPAF qualified and PASMA trained.

As long as the bricks are reachable with a cherry picker (MWEP) or access tower then we can clean them!

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