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Has your conservatory gone from the focal point of your home to the part of your home that is avoided at all costs? Having a conservatory can be a huge benefit to any property, providing the perfect location for relaxing evenings with the family or fun summer parties, but nobody ever tells you how much of a challenge it is to keep your conservatory clean.

With so much glass, lots of nooks, and crannies, there are ample places for dirt to build up, spiders to nest, and moss and algae to grow. Finding the time to clean a conservatory is difficult, particularly with our busy lifestyles, and who wants to spend their weekend off doing that tiring job.

The good news is that the team at Window Shine are professional conservatory cleaners with all of the necessary tools, equipment, and expertise to do the job for you. We can reach all of those problematic places within the conservatory, including the roof, and restore it to its original pristine condition.

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How To Book Your Conservatory Clean with Window Shine?

At Window Shine, we take a lot of pride in our work and try to do everything in our power to make your life easier. The first part of the process is to arrange a free no-obligation quotation, which we can typically facilitate within 24 hours of your request. Once you have received that quote and are happy to proceed, we arrange a mutually convenient date and then turn up to complete the work. To start the process, simply call us today on 07564 442988.

Have Your Conservatory Professionally Cleaned By The Local Experts

Everything at Window Shine is designed to make the process as simple as possible for our customers. We can even clean the outside of your conservatory when you are not at home, provided that we have access to an outside tap. Our staff will turn up on the day arranged looking smart in their company uniforms. They will get to work immediately and are always happy to go that extra mile to serve our customers.

We always start at the roof and work our way down. We use environmentally friendly cleaning material to remove all of the dirt and algae. Once that aspect of the job is complete and your roof is sparkling, we then wash all of the UPVC, including the gutters, before working our way down the sides of the conservatory. We then clean and polish the glass until you can see your face in it. Most of our customers cannot stop smiling by the time we have finished, which is why we get so many referrals from friends and relatives of previous customers.

Inside Conservatory Cleaning Specialists

Now that the outside looks so good, it’s time to clean the inside to the same high standard. Often, the roof spars inside the conservatory discolour over time and take away from the overall look of your conservatory. We use our own proprietary cleaning solution to remove the horrible discolouration, transforming your conservatory in the process. We then wash and clean all of the inside panels and glass, leaving your conservatory sparkling on the inside and out.

Conservatory Cleaning - FAQ's

The price you pay will depend on several different factors, such as the size of the conservatory or how dirty it is, meaning that this is a challenging question to answer. However, in general, expect to pay around £80 if your conservatory is a lean-to-style conservatory and around £150 for larger conservatories.

Absolutely, we hold Employers Liability insurance for claims up to £10 million and Public Liability insurance for claims up to £1 million.

Although the work might look relatively simple, Rospa statistics show that over 6000 falls every year from conservatories, which require hospital treatment. Additionally, not all domestic cleaning products are suitable for removing ingrained dirt in uPVC, or alternatively, they may cause damage in the process. Our team of experts has many years of experience and expertise and will deliver superior results every time.

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Conservatory Cleaning in Inverkeithing

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