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We supply a professional patio and  driveway cleaning service in Edinburgh, including decking cleaning and indeed any exterior surface.

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Window Shine offer a comprehensive patio cleaning service In Edinburgh; this includes pressure washing patios in Edinburgh and the Lothians, soft washing patios in Edinburgh and also patio repointing within the region. We achieve these results through the use of a commercial pressure washer that cuts through the buildup of dirt with ease, always ensuring that our operatives are fully trained to comply with not only our health and safety protocols but also with the appropriate use of the industry leading machines we use. See our home page for a list of all service we offer https://www.window-shine.co.uk


Window shine have years of experience in this area, in fact if you look up our Facebook business page you will see many excellent reviews related to patio and driveway cleaning. As mentioned, we use industry leading machines which include items such as the Honda gx390 pressure washer; this is an important addition to our service description here because such machines supply water at a pressure and overall flow that penetrates the most stubborn of dirt. An electric pressure washer simply will not have the pressure to clean heavily stained patios effectively. We use a large water container to feed the pressure washer, because direct tap pressure alone isn’t enough to keep our machine producing the water supply it is intended for. The container is used for the machine to draw up water as it requires, and depending on the surface of the patio we will either use our pressure washer to initially clean the surface dirt or we may use the flat surface cleaner/rotary cleaner. This second item mentioned is a machine that uses a circular motion on the ground to remove all dirt with a lower pressure than a pressure washer. Once we have cleaned the initial top layer of grime we can soft wash patios, this isn’t a new procedure by any means but is a new term to many of the general public. It involves the use of safe chemicals, used to remove lichen and other stains on patios that water pressure alone will not lift. See our blog here for more information on the process.


Re jointing a patio is a common service we provide, not all patios have mortar in the joints but it is often the case that Indian Sand Stone ones in particular do. If you imagine cleaning an older patio that has some rough or broken jointing, it is inevitable that these joints may also need repointed after a pressure wash. We firstly remove the old mortar using a patio knife to remove mortar and also a hammer and a bolster can be used to tackle mortar that’s more difficult to remove. Cement based mortar in particular often fails over time and needs this service; this can be due to the original mix that was laid ie a weak 20:1 mix not being suitable for long term joint stability. When installing new mortar, there are many variables that impact what is used but resin mortar is a common type that is used, along with a wet slurry brush to carry out the re jointing itself. Manufacturer instructions are essentially what decides what process we use, however it is vital to note that loose paving slabs may need to also be rebedded before being re pointed; because they are already not sitting firm within the base of the patio and will lead to cracked jointing again.


Sealants are used as the final course of action for newly cleaned patios. By that we mean that when your patio is cleaned and potentially sanded or re pointed as well, we want it to last like this for a long time. Sealants can be thought of as liquid glue that is applied onto the patio surface; and when this hardens it provides a layer of protection against the elements, stains and potential spills. If your patio has been re sanded then this service also offers much more likelihood of the sand not washing away during the next heavy rain shower and also inhibits the growth of weeds more than a patio with no sealer.
Sealers come in a variety of types, such as acrylic sealers water based sealers and so on. The purpose of sealers can be broken down into sub categories- coatings, that sit on the surface and act as a barrier between patio surfaces and elements, impregnators-which penetrate the capillaries within the stone or concrete itself and colour enhancers-which vary from a wet look finish to sealers that actually change the colour of the paving surface. We can offer a service that is bespoke to your individual requirements. Here is a link to a respectable manufacturer that we often use for some of our sealants https://www.resiblock.com/


 Full Payment is on satisfactory completion of works
 Receipts, written quotations, and invoices can be supplied
 Flexible time slots available for work to be carried out
 Various payment methods available
 We have extensive experience in patio cleaning
 Multiple patio cleaning options available, as explained above
 Fast turnaround for quotes via emailing us photos of the patio area, or we can visit you for a
 We can offer a soft washing service or pressure washing only-you decide


To book our services please contact us through the email address on our home page, or by calling or
texting 07564 442988. For faster quotation responses feel free to send images of your patio through
the email address seen here https://www.window-shine.co.uk/contact-us/ and we can reply with a
price for most jobs.
We always endeavor to respond within a day, and will provide various options with regard to the
date you choose to have the job completed. We understand that having your patio cleaned can
require access to the rear of the home and so we are flexible in our approach to times, whilst we
also offer you the promise that we can text you when we are on our way to you-enabling you to go
about your usual daily business without limitation.

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