All window cleaning payments to be made by GoCardless now

Please sign up to Gocardless for your window cleaning payments.

It’s as easy as…1, 2, 3

1. Click on the Gocardless link below. Fill in your address, bank details, and email address.

2. After Signing up, your future payments will be set up for processing. The payment is processed once your windows have been cleaned, and only after your windows have been cleaned. Meaning that if there is a delay in our service due to bad weather or time off, you will not be charged. This is not a fixed direct debit payment in term or frequency, payments are manually processed after each clean instead and you are under no financial contract.

3. Get your windows cleaned, get a card through the door to say that we have been; and also get an email notification each time your payment gets processed with the amount and service provided detailed on the email.
Simple, contactless after the sign up and effective