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Are you sick of looking up and seeing a dirty moss-covered roof? Let Window Shine help you do something about it.

Aside from ruining the exterior appearance of your residential or commercial property, the continued presence of moss, algae, and lichen can result in some pretty serious problems for the roofing system. Damaged roof tiles, blocked gutters and drainpipes, and several instances of water retention on the roof are just among the problems associated with these unsightly growths.

Now there’s many things around the house that you can DIY, but getting rid of moss and giving your roof a proper clean is not one of them.

At Window Shine, we are fully equipped with the technical know-how and the advanced cleaning machines to effectively eradicate moss and other nasty growths off your roof.

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Let’s work with you to prolong the life of your roof

Our roof moss removal and cleaning services are designed to help you get more from your roofing system. With no moss or algae, professionally cleaned tiles, and a good maintenance plan, your roof is less likely to require extensive repairs or replacements down the line. Plus let’s not forget the instant curb appeal that would follow at the end of the job.

Our approach to moss removal and roof cleaning involves scraping away all the moss and then applying a biocide wash. This is a highly effective treatment that prevents regrowth and brightens the roof tiles so you can enjoy your new-looking roof for longer.

The roof cleaning team at Window Shine can cater to both domestic and commercial customers. On the day of the cleaning job, our technicians will arrive as scheduled and get to work quickly. They’ll select the most appropriate cleaning solution and equipment based on the roof material, as well as the extent of the moss spread. We’re also fully insured so you can rest easy knowing that your project is in good hands.

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Why choose us?

Homeowners and business professionals across Dunfermline & Fife areas have utilized our professional cleaning services for years – now we serve the whole of Scotland. Our Roof moss removal technicians are trained to restore and enhance the appearance of your roofing system, as well as make all the right recommendations, where needed.

Our team are City & Guilds approved softwash technicians and we are licensed in the safe use of commercial grade biocides.

We want to be your first choice whenever you need expert cleaning services for your property. As such, we aim to please and deliver absolute customer satisfaction on every job.

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Window Shine is the name to trust when it comes to removing moss and cleaning the roof the right way. Let us work with you today to give your roofing system a new lease on life and boost your property’s curb appeal at the same time. Call us on 07564 442988 for a FREE no-obligation quote for your project. If you’d rather message us, you can just fill out our contact form and our roof cleaning technicians will get back to you shortly.

Roof Cleaning in Currie - FAQ's

Although it is understandable to want to do as much work on your own property as possible, working on a roof is fraught with danger. At Window-Shine, we have an excellent safety record because we put in place precautions to ensure that none of our team puts themselves at risk while cleaning your roof.
Apart from the obvious cosmetic benefits, one of the biggest reasons why getting your roof professionally cleaned is to prevent damage to your roof and property. Roofs provide the perfect growing ground for moss and algae. Moss, in particular, grows in the gaps between your roof tiles, and when the water contained within the moss freezes, it expands, which eventually will cause your roof tiles to crack. This will then allow weather to penetrate your property, potentially causing extensive damage to the fabric of your home.
We never use pressure washers for cleaning roofs because we believe they cause damage during the cleaning process. As their name suggests, pressure washers work by utilising pressure to remove the dirt, moss, algae, and lichen from your roof. Unfortunately, this power can also cause the water to get underneath the tiles and into your loft. Furthermore, if the moss has already cracked some tiles, this will only be revealed after your roof has been pressure washed and potentially even more damage has been done. With our roof cleaning methods, we can physically see and identify any issues of concern and be in a position to complete the process carefully without risking damage to your roof.

We highly recommend roof scraping and biocide treatment for concrete tile roofs.

This method of roof cleaning allows the deepest possible clean yes uses the most gentle method.

Yes, however depending on the age and the exact tiles they may be more suited to steam clean instead of a scrape and biocide.

Contact us for a survey and we will recommend the best method of cleaning for your clay roof tiles.

Yes, we take pride in the fact that we are a limited, VAT registered company.

This gives clients confidence in our services and is proof of our dedication to growing Window Shine Ltd to be the premier provider of external cleaning services throughout Scotland.

We serve the whole of Scotland! Including major cities of Edinburgh, Glasgow, Perth, Dundee, Aberdeen & Inverness.

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Roof Moss Removal & Cleaning Services in Currie

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