Our Expert Gutter Cleaning Advice on Gutter Guards

Your gutters are constantly under attack from dirt and debris; its not a question of if your gutters will become blocked, more a question of when they will become clogged.

Unfortunately, the first time that many homeowners will know they have a blocked gutter is when the damp becomes apparent on their walls or woodwork. Rather than wait for the inevitable blockage, it makes sense to take preventative measures to stop your gutters from becoming blocked in the first place, and that is where gutter guards are your solution.

Another added benefit of installing gutter guards is that they can significantly reduce the amount of maintenance you will have to perform on your property – but choose the right solution or you could cause more problems than you solve.

For gutters on three storey properties the best solution is no gutter guards at all, accessing three storey gutters is problematic and the gutters can be cleared regularly from the safety of the ground.

How Do Gutter Guards Work?

Open Gutter Guards

Gutter guards are designed to prevent dirt and debris from entering your gutters. There are a variety of different types of gutter guards; the most popular are open gutter grids, which go over the top of your gutter and prevent the vast majority of dirt from entering your gutters. The additional benefit of these types of guards is that they are much easier to clean and maintain when compared with the hassle of cleaning gutters. Essentially the dirt rests on top of the guard rather than becoming secreted in the bowels of your gutter, but the holes in the open guards allow the water to flow through and drop into your gutter as intended.


Gutter Hedgehogs

Another option is hedgehogs, which are a length of spiky type material that sits inside your gutter and are designed to catch any debris as it flows past. Unfortunately, certain types of debris, such as pine needles, can become trapped in the hedgehogs and then essentially cause the gutter to block, which is precisely what they were designed to prevent.

Gutter Downspout Stoppers

In our opinion, these are the most effective option for any homeowner looking to prevent their gutters and drains from becoming blocked. These oval-shaped devices click into the top of the downpipe and essentially prevent anything from entering your downpipe. One of the most significant benefits of these versus gutter guards or hedgehogs is that you still benefit from the entire length of your gutters. The other two types of guards take up some of the space within a gutter, and in some ways, assist in slowing down the flow of the water.

For gutter guards to work correctly and efficiently, it is essential that they are correctly installed.

At Window Shine, we have many years of experience installing these types of devices, with hundreds of satisfied customers. In our opinion, downspout stoppers are one of the most effective investments you can ever make and could potentially save you thousands of pounds in damage.

For more information about gutter guards, our Dunfermline gutter cleaning services or to request a free no-obligation quotation, contact our customer service team today on 01383 601223

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