Gutter Cleaning – How We Safely Clear Three Storey Gutters

For many families a townhouse makes the perfect home, with lots of space over three levels. Unfortunately one of the drawbacks of these large properties is that it can be quite a challenge to perform important maintenance such as cleaning the gutters. 

Home insurance companies recommend annual gutter cleaning for good reason, its the only way to avoid the extensive damage caused by leaking gutters. The expense is of course greater when dealing with three story properties because of the access requirements for any remedial works.

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Safety Is Always Our Number One Priority 

At Window Shine, the first thing that we do when planning any gutter cleaning job, is a dynamic risk assesment. We identify and then put plans in place to mitigate those risks, ensuring the safety of both our staff and clients. We have also invested in a range of different tools to provide our teams with a range of alternatives so that no matter what challenges they are faced with, there is always a safe option available. 

Which Tools Do We Predominantly Use? 

Contrary to popular opinion ladders are the last option we turn to when cleaning gutters, regardless of the height of the building. Working at height on ladders is one of the most dangerous activities in the workplace, with thousands of serious injuries occurring every year. According to Health and Safety Executive statistics, falls from ladders account for almost a third of all injuries and cost the UK economy £60 million every year. They are also the number one cause of workplace deaths.

So if we don’t use ladders, then what do we use? As a company, we have invested in two excellent and ingenious tools which allow our team to provide a safe Dunfermline gutter cleaning service professionally without their feet ever leaving the ground. Those two tools are gutter vacs and cameras. 

Gutter Cleaning Cameras

Our gutter cameras feature a remote connection to a monitor on the ground. Before we start the work, we can visually verify to you, our client that the work needs to be done, or for that matter that it doesn’t!  Integrity is non-negotiable, and so if we find your gutter to be spotlessly clean with our cameras, we will not charge you for the work. Upon completion of the job which we monitor with the cameras, we will then show you your immaculately cleaned gutters, so you know the work has been done to the highest possible standards. 

Gutter Vacs 

Window Shine has invested in the best gutter vacs on the marketplace today. Essentially gutter vacs are very powerful vacuum cleaners, which can be easily operated from ground level. Easy to manoeuvre, we can dislodge and then suck up leaves, moss, dirt and debris from your gutters ensuring that rainwater flows rapidly away as intended. 

Contact us for a professional Gutter Cleaning Service Throughout Fife & Beyond…

The entire process is quick and easy, and our team will ensure that there is minimum disruption to you and your family. Most insurance companies recommend that your gutters are cleaned annually, and with Window Shine, we can ensure that this is done professionally for you regardless of the size of your property. If you have been looking for a professional local  gutter cleaning company you can rely on, then contact our customer service team today to book your free no-obligation quotation. 

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