Pure Water Window Cleaning – How Does Pure Water Clean Windows?

When you are employing a window cleaning company, it is only natural that you would want proven and experienced tradesmen who utilise the best tools available in the industry.

We would be horrified if one of our window cleaners in Dunfermline turned up with filthy squeegees and dirty sponges, but do we ever consider the water’s quality and cleanliness, which in essence is the key ingredient being used to wash our windows? 

Tap Water and Chemicals Are Not The Perfect Combination For Cleaning Windows

The water that comes out of our taps, and which many window cleaning companies still use, is often full of minerals and dissolved solid particles, invisible to the human eye, but which are nevertheless present in the water. It is the presence of these particles which makes it virtually impossible to deliver the perfect clean that customers expect and deserve.  

What Is Pure Water and Why Does Window Shine Use It? 

Pure water is, in our opinion, the perfect alternative to the tap water and chemical combination. Pure water is ironically more than just pure water. Pure water is water that has been deionized and then further treated to remove any impurities such as chemicals, dissolved particles, and minerals. Consequently, pure water is 100 percent clean, and logically speaking, what better way to wash anything, including windows, than with water, which we know has nothing else in it whatsoever.

Window Shine uses the best equipment and products to clean our customer’s windows, which is why Pure Water was the only choice for our company. 

How Does Pure Water Clean Windows? 

When ordinary tap water is used to clean windows, it is not the water itself that causes the issues. Instead, it is the impurities contained within the water and the chemicals used to clean the windows which subsequently attract dirt and causes streaks to form.

Using Pure Water, we eliminate all of these issues at source, ensuring that your windows sparkle like never before. 

What Other Tools Do You Use For Cleaning Windows?

Pure water is only one part of our successful window cleaning process. The other equally vital component is our water-fed pole cleaning system. This ingenious piece of equipment allows our cleaners to reach virtually every window in your property without climbing a ladder.

This is a much safer way to clean windows, but it also introduces other benefits. The system has been designed to work in conjunction with pure water. We pump pure water through the pole, directly onto the surface of your window.

At the end of the pole is a specially designed brush, which we use to dislodge the dirt and debris from your windows. The pure water then washes that dirt and debris away quickly and efficiently. Once you have had your windows washed the Window Shine way, you will never want your windows cleaned any other way. 

There are many other reasons to choose a water fed pole window cleaner – not just because of the pure water itself.

Window Shine is a locally owned and operated window cleaning company that serves East & Central Scotland. For a free no-obligation quotation, call our customer service team today on 01383 601223.

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