If you are in the market for a new window cleaner, either for your home or business, then as with any decision, it makes sense to have a little knowledge in order to make an informed decision.

Although you could be forgiven for thinking that all window cleaners are all the same with a bucket of water and a set of ladders, things have moved forward significantly within the window cleaning trade.

While it is true that there are still many old-fashioned window cleaners around, the modern, efficient, and professional window cleaner now utilises a Water Fed Pole Window Cleaning system. Let’s focus on the three main benefits of a pole system. 

lovell office being cleaned by windowshine

Safety of the Window cleaner

Safety is always a primary concern when it comes to employing contractors to work on or in your property. There is a significant risk when working up a ladder in cold and windy conditions, which is one of the biggest benefits that a pole system delivers. Most pole systems consist of a fiberglass pole, anywhere up to thirty feet in length. For buildings that require a longer pole, then a carbon pole is used. 

Using a water fed pole window cleaning system, the operative never has to leave the ground, making this system a much safer alternative to traditional methods of window cleaning.  

Clean Window Frames 

The other benefit to you as a customer of employing a company that uses a water-fed pole window cleaning system is to ensure all of the dirt dislodged from the windows can subsequently be jetted off the frames at the same time. Georgian windows are particularly popular, and it is all too easy for an inexperienced window cleaner to leave dirt on the frames, which will spoil the overall look of your windows and potentially damage any paintwork. A water fed pol system is a far superior solution for both your windows and frames. 

The Company is Demonstrating That It Has Invested In Equipment and Service 

The cost to enter the window cleaning industry is and always has been comparatively small. Anyone can set up a window cleaning business with little more than a bucket, some sponges, squeegees, and a set of ladders. As a potential customer, there is no way, other than by recommendation, to know if the window cleaner or indeed the company offers a professional and reliable service. However, if a prospective window cleaner uses a water fed pole system, this demonstrates that they have invested a significant sum of money in the business and are committed to delivering outstanding results for their customers. 

Choose Window Shine – Your Window Cleaner In Dunfirmline

At Window Shine, we have invested a considerable sum of money in the best possible equipment, which demonstrates our commitment to providing all of our customers with a professional service every single time.

Here at Window Shine we provide window cleaning in Dunfirmline and all surrounding areas & look forward to welcoming you to the Window Shine family and ensuring that you remain a happy customer for many years to come.

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