The Importance of Re-Sanding After Driveway Cleaning

A professional driveway cleaning service can transform the look of your drive; when it is done correctly, your driveway will literally look as good as the first day it was laid. However, it is important to understand that the cleaning process is only 80 percent of the job, and it could even be argued that the final part of the job is the most important of all. 

We have all seen block driveways that appear to have crumbled or subsided, and that is the last thing that any homeowner would want, particularly if your attempts at cleaning the driveway are responsible. A professional driveway cleaning company will always insist on re-sanding any block paving drive that they work on, and for very good reason. It is a critical component of the process, and failure to re-sand will cause structural problems in the future. 

How A Block Paved Drive Is Designed and Built 

Many people believe that jointing sand is used just to fill in gaps between blocks, for cosmetic purposes. This could not be further from the truth; the sand is used to provide friction, which helps lock the blocks into place. It is this friction that ensures that a block driveway can carry relatively large loads. Without this sand, your drive would literally fall apart. 

The process of power washing a driveway involves applying copious amounts of water at force to the drive. Unfortunately, the sub-base and the sand within the gaps can be destabilised during the cleaning process. 

At Window Shine, every driveway cleaning job we complete involves re-sanding. The re-sanding process involves ensuring that the driveway surface is totally dry. We then sweep kiln dried sand across the driveway’s entire surface using a high-quality medium bristle brush. The brush is used to push the sand deep into the open joints, which are then topped up manually by our staff to ensure no gaps are left. The good news is that we don’t need to use a vibrating plate compactor for this task, as gravity is sufficient to complete the process for us. Once we have completed this part of the job, the driveway’s structural integrity is maintained, and you can be confident that your newly sparkling driveway will continue to be of service for many years to come. 

Don’t Cut Corners – That is Inviting Disaster For Your Driveway In The Future. 

It makes sense to get a number of quotes for any work that needs to be carried out, whether that is a boiler repair or having your driveway cleaned. One of the easiest ways for pressure washing companies to save money is to neglect the re-sanding process. That is why it is critical when booking a company to power wash your drive that you get it put in writing that they will re-sand the drive as part of their process. If you do not get this written in your contract, you will struggle to get any recompense when your driveway inevitably begins to crumble. 

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