When clients employ us to clean their driveways, they expect professional results of which they can be proud. As a company, our entire business and reputation depend on delivering unbeatable results, which is why we have invested thousands of pounds in the best equipment money can buy. Two main factors contribute to a professional driveway cleaning service: the operator’s knowledge and expertise and the equipment they have at their disposal to complete the work.

Driveway Cleaning

Professional Knowledgeable and Experienced Pressure Washing Staff

Every member of the Window Shine Driveway Cleaning team has many years of experience within the industry and follows our driveway cleaning process. They have an in-depth understanding of the complexities of the different types of driveway materials and what type of cleaning approach they require. 

The team serve East & Central Scotland with driveway cleaning including Dunfirmline, Livingston & Edinburgh. We don’t just clean your driveway, we also re-sand your driveway after cleaning.

Commercial Grade Driveway Cleaning Equipment 

Window Shine researched and chose the best equipment within the industry. This equipment was by no means cheap, but we believe it was both a worthwhile and necessary investment. Firstly with this type of quality commercial equipment, we can guarantee a deep and more efficient clean.

The machinery we use provides us with the option of both hot and cold pressure washing – certain stains and materials respond better to hot pressure washing, while others are more suited to cold pressure washing. We also have the option to switch to superheated water for steam cleaning – perfect for more delicate surfaces such as stone window cills. 

Another benefit of our professional pressure washing equipment is that it is entirely self-contained, meaning that you do not even need to be at home for us to complete the work.

We understand that everyone is very busy, and the thought of having to wait in for your driveway to be cleaned is not particularly enticing. We have designed every aspect of our business to make it as customer-friendly and cost-effective as possible. 

This commercial-grade equipment delivers a complete and even clean to all surfaces every single time. The quality of our work, matched by our commitment to excellent quality service, is the foundation upon which we have built our business.  

If you live in East or Central Scotland and want to employ a local professional driveway cleaning company that cares passionately about their customers and the service they provide, contact our friendly customer service team on 01383 601223.

We are confident that we will exceed your expectations and that you will be happy to recommend our services to your friends and family. 

Driveway Cleaning Edinburgh