Things to Consider When Choosing A Professional Patio & Driveway Cleaning Company

Once you have decided to have your driveway or patio professionally cleaned, the next decision is which company you choose to complete the process. While this might seem like a relatively unimportant decision, nothing could be further from the truth. Choose the wrong driveway cleaning company, who do not know what they are doing, and the results could be catastrophic. So what things should you consider to ensure you pick a reliable company that will enhance and not destroy your patio or driveway. 

Check Online Reviews 

One of the most significant benefits of the internet is that it is relatively easy to verify other people’s opinions of any company. If you are contemplating employing a patio or driveway cleaning company, conduct some online research. Visit the companies Google My Business page, do a simple online search for the companies name; not everyone will leave a review on specific review style sites, some might write on a forum. A good rule of thumb is to ignore the very best and worst reviews and focus on what the vast majority of the reviews say. Unfortunately, the reality of reviews on their own is that people who are delighted with a service are much less likely to leave a positive review than someone who is very disappointed with the service. 

We are proud of our online reviews left by driveway and patio cleaning clients in EdinburghDunfirmline & Livingston

How Well Does The Driveway Cleaning Company Communicate With You Before You Place The Order 

Sometimes a good barometer of any company is how efficient they are at responding to any questions you might have. A small company working flat out and who may be excellent at their job can often be tempted to take on too much work, which eventually leads to delays and other problems further down the road. Although it is not easy to spot these types of issues, poor communication should be viewed as a red flag.

If the company is not communicating and responding well when trying to win your business, what are the chances that this will improve once you have handed over your money?

At Window Shine, we take great pride in our customer service, which includes excellent communication before, during, and even after the work has been completed – explaining our driveway or patio cleaning process throughout.

Have The Driveway & Patio Cleaning Company Invested In The Best Equipment? 

At Window Shine, we have invested thousands of pounds in purchasing the best equipment money can buy. This is because we are in the business for the long-term, and we recognise that having the best equipment directly correlates to delivering an excellent job time after time. Although we appreciate that very few customers will have little to no knowledge around power washing tools, ask if you can see some of their equipment.

Does it look well maintained? Check the make and model of the power washer, and then google it. You should quickly be able to evaluate how old the machinery is and how well it has been maintained. 

Although these ideas and concepts are not bullet-proof, they are an excellent way to test the waters and should help you to do everything possible to avoid employing a firm of cowboys. A little research could save you a lot of heartache and cost in the future.

Monoblock Driveway cleaning is a job for the professionals, with professional equipment. if the company you are considering hiring to clean your driveway does not have the correct equipment then frankly the end result will not be to the best standards possible.

If you live in East or Central Scotland and want a professional patio and driveway company you can rely upon, give our friendly customer service team a call today on 01383 601223.

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