Our driveway cleaning process has evolved since our inception as a company incorporating the latest technology to deliver outstanding results every time.

Although we appreciate that most of our customers are more interested in having an immaculate driveway, we felt it was also beneficial to explain the exact process we use so that you can make an informed decision and have confidence in our processes. 

Our driveway cleaning team serve all of East & Central Scotland regularly frovinding driveway cleaning in Edinburgh, Dunfirmline & Livingston

Driveway Cleaning in Edinburgh

Step One – Sweep Away All Loose Debris 

The first part of the driveway cleaning process involves sweeping away any obvious loose dirt and debris on your driveway. There is no point in using chemicals or pressure washing when there is excess loose dirt on the surface, as this could cause extra unnecessary work in the next stage of the process. Once the excess dirt and debris have been swept up, we scoop it up and dispose of it appropriately. 

Step Two – Soft Chemical Wash (Where Appropriate) 

A soft wash chemical is an excellent method for loosening ingrained dirt, and where feasible, we will always use this option as part of our process. However, sometimes we cannot use a soft chemical wash because it might flow into flower beds or other garden areas as it runs off the driveway. Although it is highly unlikely that this could cause damage to your plants, we will never take that risk; we will simply come up with an alternative method to ensure the driveway is properly cleaned. 

Step Three – Pressure Wash Using The Latest Commercial Grade Equipment And Flat Surface Cleaners 

Now that we have done the preparatory work, we utilise our commercial grade pressure washing machinery. This equipment is state of the art and allows us to use either hot or cold water, depending on our requirements, and have precision control over the amount of pressure we want to apply. Where appropriate, we can also use our steam cleaning machines to shift stubborn stains. These machines used either independently or together ensure a complete and even clean to any surface. 

Step Four – A Final Rinse Down of The Surface 

The final step in the process is a rinse down of your driveway surface before inviting our customer to the big reveal. This just ensures that any little pieces of rubbish or dirt that may have fallen from an overhanging tree are washed away. 

Step Five – Re-Sanding 

The final part of the process takes place on a different day from all of the others because it needs the driveway to be completely dry. Re-sanding involves pouring kiln dried sand over the driveway. The sand is then brushed into the gaps between the bricks to maintain the driveway’s structural integrity. Upon completion, our customers will have a perfectly clean, well-maintained driveway, which will last them for many years to come. 

If you are looking for a locally owned and operated professional driveway cleaning company that understands the local environment and the issues they cause to drives, then call Window-Shine today on 01383 601223.

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Flat Surface Cleaning A Driveway In Fife